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There are secret worlds which siren your attention. 

How will you answer?


Know THIS:

I enjoy wide variety in the company I keep. From the budding psychonaut to the perverse sophisticate, those who enjoy My time are alike in their kindness, passion, and reverence for the Feminine. My non-exhaustive catalogue of interests includes:


Witch, Goddess, and Female Supremacy tones"Role play."

Sensory exploration and deprivation. From electrical stimulation with My Violet Wand or Tens Unit, to the hot wax from delicate candles, the therapeutic elements of somatic experience are undeniable.

Predicament bondage: physical and emotional. Endless vectors.

Impact. You are My drum. What song will we sing?

Needles in your body. I will mend your ragged edges.

Key-holding. What doors are unlocked?

Exploration of  reimagination of your psychic depths. 


Twos, and Covens:

If you would like to meet Me in the company of My enchanting friends, include a specific request when you inquire about booking an appointment with Me. I can typically accommodate.


All requests start with my inquiry form.

Below are just a few of the ways I like to meet.



In the San Francisco Bay Area, I offer unforgettable, in-person appointments from three private locations in the East Bay. I can also accommodate visits in San Francisco, with ample notice and an adjusted tribute.

Outside of dungeons, I enjoy well-negotiated public adventures with established friends. SFMoma then sushi while you wear the heels? 


ON Vacation–

I enjoy abundant travel and vacation, and can often accommodate visits while away. My planned travel is indicated across the top of this page, and also displayed prominently on My Twitter feed

Dying for Me to visit your hometown? For the trusted friend, I make Myself available for exclusive travel, with adjusted tribute. 



I offer Skype, phone, and email engagements to those unable to see Me in person in San Francisco or while I vacation. Multimedia explorations make for multidimensional fun. 



Please request appointments no fewer than 48 hours ahead of time. Preference will be given to those requesting at least a week in advance.

Note that all first meetings require a $100 deposit to reserve My calendar space. This deposit can be made using this GiftRocket link, and must be received at least 24 hours before the requested meeting time. This deposit is applicable to total tribute.


In-person meetings, per hour: 340

Phone appointments, per half-hour: 160

Skype appointments, per half-hour: 200

Appointments lasting more than five hours, as well as long-term training and public outings are available for those who have already made My acquaintance, in person or virtually. Sale of worn clothing, shoes, lingerie, and other ornaments should be requested with a special note in the form below. If there is another mode of connection or  means by which you desire to rest in My dominion, politely inquire.

Name *


The best gift you can offer Me is your ecstatic commitment to our exploration. If you are inclined to favor Me with luxury goods, I appreciate gifts (specific or in certificate form) from retailers of quality attire (Agent ProvocateurLady Lucie Latex, Neiman Marcus), well-made gear (StockroomMr. S Leather), and fine foods (Whole Foods Market). For guidance, and to send goods directly to My mailbox, take a look at My wishlist:

Or send tribute directly:


Also: poetry; drawings; acts of devotion; spells; wishes; hexes unto My enemies.