Please request appointments no fewer than 48 hours ahead of time. Preference will be given to those requesting at least a week in advance. In the event that a sooner appointment (fewer than 48 hours in advance) can be accommodated, a modest booking charge may be added to your total tribute.

Note that all first meetings require a $100 deposit to reserve My calendar space. This deposit can be made with an Amazon gift card emailed to, and must be received at least 24 hours before the requested meeting time. This deposit is applicable to total tribute.


In-person meetings, per hour: 300

Phone appointments, per half-hour: 160 – Begin with an inquiry form, below

Skype appointments, per half-hour: 200 – Begin with an inquiry form, below

Appointments lasting more than five hours, as well as long-term training and public outings are available for those who have already made My acquaintance, in person or virtually. Sale of worn clothing, shoes, lingerie, and other ornaments should be requested with a special note in the form below. If there is another mode of connection or  means by which you desire to rest in My dominion, politely inquire.

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